Exceptional performance in any environment with RockStar Heavy Duty Connectors

It's a tough world when it comes to connections outside of the control cabinet. These kinds of applications require powerful models that are capable of dealing with extreme weather conditions and industrial challenges, as well as electromagnetic interference.  

Weidmuller heavy-duty connectors in the RockStar series have exactly these qualities. With IP65, IP68 and EVM protection, densities of up to 216 poles, currents of up to 35 Amps and voltages of up to 830 Volts, they are just as versatile as the most successful of rock stars. 

Benefit from an attractive product range that features the perfect solution for any task, thereby opening up new dimensions of freedom, flexibility and economic efficiency.

RockStar connectors ensure safe and reliable transmission of power, signals and data in industrial environments - from the control cabinet to the field.

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Posted: 06/08/2019 09:26:13 by Zain Hussain | with 0 comments