Routeco Foundation gave £10,000 Donation to Africa Education Trust (AET)

We have recently launched the Routeco Foundation which will be supporting STEM Education for the next five years. One of the cRouteco-Foundation-Logo-transparent.pngharities we have partnered with is the Africa Education trust (AET) and we have committed to donating over £50,000 to the BRITE project.

We have just made our first donation of them of £10,000 which will be used to fund STEM education in a school in Uganda for an entire year. Please see their lovely thank you letter below.

We will keep you updated with some pictures and blogs from Uganda so you can see what a difference Routeco is making.

We received a letter in return from the Fundraising and Communications Manager:

"Dear Routeco,

On behalf of Africa Educational Trust, I would like to thank Routeco for your recent donation of £10,000 which we received on Wednesday 15th August. Your donation will be put towards the furtherance of our STEM projects in Uganda and will enable us to support secondary students in being better equipped for employment as well as empowering them to explore sustainable solutions to real life challenges. We will be able to give the gift of education to people who desperately want the chance to learn.

We hope you were touched by the stories and determination of the people who we have the honour of supporting through education. There are so many people who believe in the power of education to transform their lives. With your support, we can give people the skills and knowledge they need to build a better, more peaceful future.

Across the countries where Africa Educational Trust (AET) works, poverty and conflict gets in the way of millions of people gaining an education. Your donation helps create stronger education systems that give all children the chance to go to school. It also provides opportunities for people who have missed school to gain the knowledge and skills they want and need. Because of supporters like you, in the past year alone we have reached over a quarter of a million children and adults in Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya.

Thank you again. Education would not be able to continue without the support of people and companies such as yourselves. We, and those we work with, deeply appreciate your generosity.

Best wishes,
Charlane Robinson
Fundraising and Communications Manager"


For more information about the Routeco Foundation, please click here. 


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