Remote Equipment’s Performance History – at your customers fingertips


ProSoft Technology’s new Data Logger allows your customers to see historical diagnostic information for their remote equipment, saving them valuable time when identifying an issue and troubleshooting.

The module will be a valuable tool for three of your customer groups:

Warranty Check for OEMs: The Data Logger will help clue machine builders in to potential changes an end user made to their final product. The equipment’s logged history helps ensure that any warranty claims brought to the OEM are accurately represented.

Remote Access for SIs: As more system integrators’ service contracts are including post-installation tasks, the module’s logged data can be a sale-boosting benefit by providing your SI customers with a more comprehensive view of the equipment’s performance history. This knowledge could allow them to remotely troubleshoot the equipment, saving a potentially costly trip to the site.

Freed-Up Bandwidth for End Users: The Data Logger gives users a way to store over 16 million records without putting a strain on their network bandwidth.

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