ProSoft Data Logger


What if you could have your control devices’ data stored for predictive maintenance or process improvements?

The PLX51-DL-232 Data Logger is ideal for remote sites with limited communications that need to log data. OEMs can log their machine’s data to identify operational problems or efficiency improvements. The PLX51-DL-232 can read and store data from EtherNet/IP PLCs, DF1 Serial PLCs and devices, or Modbus® PLCs and devices. The PLX51-DL-232 has the capacity to store over 16 million records in its solid-state non-volatile memory. Each stored record includes a Date Time stamp, Tag Name, Data Type, and Value.

Features and beenfits:

  • Data can be manually downloaded to a CSV file using the PLX50 Configuration Utility
  • A built-in webserver provides detailed diagnostics of system configuration and operation
  • Two logging modes: Data stored until memory is full or oldest data overwritten when memory full, first in, last out

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