Why converge?

Businesses are adapting and changing every day, strategic decisions are
focused around minimising risk and increasing why-converge-picture-optimized.jpgproductivity as well as profitability. There has been for many years now, the growth in IIoT & IT/OT and specifically for manufacturing, the use of SMART manufacturing. 

So, what does this mean for you?

We think it’s clear that with the advancement of IT and OT partnerships in technology and a focus on cyber security, companies need to reconsider how the future of their business looks and whether it is sustainable.

In a manufacturing environment, downtime in production as we all know, carries costly implications, therefore you need to know where the issue/s lie and how quickly can they be rectified. There needs to be coalition with IT and OT areas – “Convergence”. With both areas working together, there can be stronger and finer data analysis, which in hand leads to better business decision making. Ultimately, the need for convergence is not just for better production but to make clear strategic decisions based on factual data, that is not distorted.

In summary, we know that convergence is necessary, but do you believe it? When you look at your business, how much visibility do you really have? How many systems are you using to control multiple areas? Are you unsure of how it all fits together?

Here at Routeco we have partnered with Cisco, have trained IoT experts and can help you from concept through to implementation. We can audit your infrastructure design and work out a smart solution that fits best for you.

Find out more here: www.routeco.com/solutions/it-ot-convergence

For more information contact your local routeco branch on 0370 607 1000 or email info@routeco.com


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