Energy Management Products from Weidmüller

Total Energy Monitoring is Weidmüller’s holistic modular system for measuring and monitoring the power supply network. Hardenergy-solutions-(1).jpgware, software and consultancy services are tailored to fulfil the purpose of the customer-specific energy management solution. The highly compatible and easily adjustable components allow full transparency of your manufacturing energy consumption by monitoring current and energy measurement data as well as flow rates, temperatures and pressures and ensure efficient production processes.

Energy meters

With Weidmüller’s energy measuring devices, you can break down accurately the energy networks for your production side and measure their energy consumption in detail to protect your energy sources and use them more efficiently.

Energy analysers

The energy analyser 550 allows you to detect creeping residual currents before fuses or detectors switch off the system, measure the quality of your electrical energy according to quality parameters and derive optimisation steps which maximise operating times and effectiveness of your plant.

Energy loggers

The energy lodger D550 includes a 32MB memory. It can collect and save impulses from up to 15 devices and forward them via a LAN network. That way, not only electrical energy but also other energy sources such as compressed air, water and gas can be optimised using cross-plant measurement data.

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