156-C Solid-State Contactors

If your application demands low maintenance, fast switching, or operation in harsh environmental conditions, consider a solid-state control solution. The Allen-Bradley Bulletin 156 line of solid-state contactors from Rockwell Automation complements the existing line of Bulletin 700 solid-state relays to provide you with a complete line of solid-state solutions. Designed without moving parts or contacts that can wear out, solid-state solutions can help reduce or eliminate the cost associated with maintenance, part replacement, and downtime.

Flexible in configuration and design, these devices can be panel or DIN Rail mounted complete with the integrated heatsink and do not require additional components or assembly. Microprocessor and PLC compatible, the solid-state contactors can be used in applications that range from heaters to small motors and valves.

Solid-state contactors are also an ideal replacement for mercury wetted relays and contactors. Mercury type relays introduce environmental complications that may lead to additional problems and expenses. A solid-state contactor can help eliminate these issues, while delivering the same type of performance at a lower total cost.

Features include:

  • Compact modular design complete with heatsink
  • Panel or DIN Rail mountable
  • Simple installation
  • Available in single-phase, dual-phase, or three-phase versions
  • Operational current rating 20…85 A
  • Lighted status indication
  • AC, DC, and analog control options
  • Zero-cross switching
  • Integrated varistor for surge protection.

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