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In the 1990s, Grace was challenged to find a better way of safely accessing an electrical panel at a John Deere facility.  The team at Grace created a solution for thru-door access, which birthed the GracePort® — a fully customizable convenience data port that allows access to live control cabinets through closed doors.  Since 1993, the GracePort® has become a household name among control engineers.  It was the first product that Grace developed that keeps voltage away from workers.


With the advent of the GracePort®, Grace began to hit its stride as a pioneer in the electrical safety industry. In the 2000s, innovation met efficiency with SafeSide® Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESDs) with the primary goal of protecting people and their assets. Today, as we continue to expand our products and services in facilities around the world, the concept of PESDs is rapidly evolving and setting a new standard in the electrical safety industry.

GracePorts® are a foundational tool many facilities use across the globe to keep voltage away from people. These fully customizable communication ports allow users to access control panels safely through closed doors. The SafeSide® brand of PESDs includes voltage indicators, voltage portals and combo units, as well as IR viewing windows. All of these tools allow for maintenance and inspections to be performed from outside the electrical cabinet, thereby minimizing the risk of shock and arc flash.

Grace Engineered Products, Inc., a global leader in productive electrical safety, strives to enhance electrical safety around the world. Grace’s long standing relationship with Routeco, the sole Rockwell Encompass distributor for the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Austria, reinforces this mission of productive electrical safety. For over 18 years, Grace has been a Rockwell Encompass Partner serving facilities across the globe with innovative solutions and enhanced productivity that keep people safe and assets secure.


Our product portfolio includes:

  • Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESDs)
  • Fully customizable convenient access communication ports
  • Voltage portals, voltage indicators, and combo units
  • IR Viewing Windows

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